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This is the last class in our yearlong #freepermaculture course

That third ethic, again

One of the things that makes our work as permaculture designers so important is the replicability factor. If we share our ideas and designs with others, they will get ideas too. They will get inspired, they will try new things, and maybe, just maybe, they will improve their relationship with nature! This is why we require you to present your design. If you choose to keep your presentation private, just for our student community, we’re ok with that. But we really want you to make the choice to share your work with the public, even if you only share some parts of it. This aligns with our third ethic, about sharing resources like knowledge and experience, paying it forward for the future.

As with other steps, but perhaps even more so at this moment, we remind you: don’t rush this. Revel in the creativity of this moment, and take the time to learn how to present your work in a way that is beautiful, engaging, and leaves a mark on the people who see it. You will never regret having made time to acquire this skill set. Good luck!

This video tutorial will show you a quick and easy way to do make a presentation video, using the free Loom extension for the Chrome browser, and Google Slides:

A few more ways you could create your presentation video:

  • If your smartphone or tablet supports screen recording (most do) then you can just open your PDF and in any app and start recording a voiceover, then upload that straight to YouTube from your phone. If you don’t know how to do it on your device, ask a millennial to help you! 
  • If you’re using an iPad or an iPhone, the Vidra app is awesome for making all sorts of highly customized and even animated presentations.​
  • Don’t forget about the Digital Toolshed, which includes a bunch of great suggestions for presentation and video editing apps. 


Your final challenge: take your best draft of your work-in-progress whole-system permaculture design project, create a presentation video, and share it everywhere! Accept and respond to feedback, then continue your journey as an Earth steward, lifelong learner, and permaculture designer.


Come and share you work!


If you need personalized support for your projects, want to spend time with a dedicated mentor, and/or are ready to tackle the next level of permaculture skills, read on…

Friends, the moment has arrived!

best permaculture design course online

Permaculture certification isn’t for everyone, and it’s for sure not necessary for the average home gardener.​

However, if you want to get serious about finishing AND implementing your whole-system design projects, plus connect to a lifelong community that will help you grow, in your own neighborhood and beyond….

AND/OR if you want to learn how to make a living in a full-time permaculture niche, ​then you mustn’t deprive yourself of the opportunity to engage in a professional and peer-reviewed Permaculture Design Course. 

As you know, Permaculture Women’s Guild offers an online, go-at-your-own pace certificate course that includes 1:1 mentorship and lots of perks.

Also, as you probably remember, if you made a tuition donation, at any time during the past year, you can apply it toward your tuition in the full PDC. To request your voucher, fill out this form.

For more information about how that course is bigger and deeper and an amazing next step from this course, click the shiny green button below:

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