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The #freepermaculture project is here to help create better access to the essential tools and techniques permaculture can offer, and our commitment is that no one will ever be turned away for a lack of funds.

As such, this program is made possible by the generosity of its participants, and even small donations greatly increase the number of people we can reach. If you just want in for free, scroll down and click the link. But we do hope you will choose to practice abundance theory with us by contributing something to your learning journey. 

The course includes 52 multimedia classes (plus bonuses!) If you're willing to contribute between 25 cents and $5 per class, it makes a huge difference for us and enables us to reach so many more people worldwide.

​And yes! Your tuition donation is 100% applicable toward future enrollment in the fully-mentored Permaculture Women's Guild certification program. Should you eventually choose to follow that path, just request a voucher and you can apply every penny you donate.

Select your contribution below. Donations are processed via PayPal or Credit Card, through a secure, encrypted portal. Currency conversion happens automatically at checkout.

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and we always want to know if something on the site isn't working. Thanks for filling out this quick form. If you would like to give more extensive feedback and/or a testimonial, go here instead.

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