Day Ten: How does it feel?​

Evaluate, enjoy, engage, and expect things to change…

The E in GOBRADIME stands for Evaluate.

And, just like any design, your daily practice should never be a static thing. Try to strike a balance between staying committed to the choices you made for yourself and staying open to changing those choices to accommodate new goals and ideas that come up in the future.

Evaluate, Engage, and Enjoy!

The E in GOBRADIME also stands for Enjoy!

Enjoyment is huge part of nurturing your self-love and creativity. Take some time to just revel in what you’ve created. Make space to relax, to release, and to rejuvenate.

And don’t wait until you’re all stressed out and in desperate need of self-care to do it!

​See if you can build a little bit of enjoyment into your daily practice. Consider it part of the reward system. 

Today’s assignment is to spend an entire day, real soon, on self care.

Yep: some time in the next week, dedicate one full day to a self-love, self-care, self-empowerment ritual. Schedule your self-care day in advance, if you need to, or just start right now and dedicate the next 24 hours to treating yourself like a Queen! 

Try these three steps:


Get plenty of sleep, take your time waking up, don’t rush or worry about anything. Soak in a hot bath or just lay around on some yoga props and let it all hang out. 


Write in your journal, dance around, work out, scream, sing, and do whatever else you can think of to embody and experience the fine art of letting go. Whatever it is, just give yourself permission to relinquish all attachments, especially any that might be hurting you. 


Fill yourself up with energy, inspiration, and good organic food. Drink water, moisturize your skin, do something fun out in nature, and get ready to go back out in the world and shine!​

To help you relax, release, and rejuvenate, I made you this nifty self-care poster! 

Each suggestion in the PDF links to an article or video about that resource.

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