Day Six: What does it all mean?

Jumping right in…

Today I want to leave you lots of time to review your own work and settle into a vision for your new practice, so I’ll keep my part of this short and to the point:

Three kinds of animal breaths to rejuvenate you!

Now it’s time to analyze your data

Today’s challenge is to review all of your goals, boundaries, desires, actions, assessments, and everything else you’ve been doing this past few days, and synthesize it all into a list of actions that you will include in your daily practice.

Once you’ve got a list, sort each item in this grid, grouping your actions under the heading that makes the most sense. Don’t worry if there’s some crossover! Just go with what seems to fit the best.

Then, see where you need to strike a better balance:

​Add or subtract actions to the list as needed.

Look for opportunities you may not have noticed before.

Do you have more time than you realized?

More space?

Is there something you’ve been doing all along, a daily habit that could be slightly shifted to become so much more healthy and compatible with your goals?

Try using a worksheet like this one to assess where you’re out of balance.

Spend your time in today’s class thinking deeply about all of this and making the decisions you need to make in order to get serious about your practice.

Now is the time to go through and cut things out of your life to make room for the new habits. Be ruthless! Clear the way for your intentional, designed practice and get rid of any stagnant, unfinished business. Just let it go.

Use those animal breaths I shared in the video to help you cope with any anxiety that might come up during this process. Have fun with it!


This course is part of a multi-layered online program that I’ve created to help empower people to spend more time being creative, realizing your unique potential, and connecting with the Earth. A big part of that program is the permaculture courses, and here is a link to get a sneak peek at the analysis step of the permaculture design studio.


Tomorrow you’ll take your list of actions that you’d like to include in your committed daily practice and work them into a detailed design for you to follow.

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