Day Eight: Do it!

Now that you’ve thought seriously about how you want to change your habits to bring your lived experience closer to what you truly want for yourself, and now that you’ve put your heart-energy into designing a pattern to follow, it’s time to DO THE THING. You’ve got your design. You can change it later. But you won’t know what you want to change until you start doing it. Daily. Starting today. 


As I mentioned in today’s video, here’s a downloadable PDF of the entire book, The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield. 

My purpose, in this course and in life, is to inspire and motivate you to tap into your personal, physical, philosophical, and creative potential.

Why do I want this? Because I believe the world is a more wonderful place to live when people are living authentically, rooted through their art. And I want to live in that wonderful world.I’m encouraging you to start with a 40-day challenge, but science suggests it actually takes a bit longer than that to really lock in a new habit. Not to worry! You have to start somewhere, right? So, start.

Trust me on this: if you establish a daily movement and creative practice that connects to itself and represents your most cherished values, and you force yourself to create time and space for that for 40 days in a row, you will discover a radically improved capacity for manifesting your dreams. I know this because I have done it, I have seen it done, and I am seeing it now with the students in this course! Do the thing, and the rest will follow.​

Or, keep not doing the thing and you’ll never know.

The choice is yours, yes? (DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!)

At the very least, do the practice you designed for yourself, today, right now.



Tomorrow is the “M” in GOBRADIME, which stands for Maintenance, Management, Momentum, and Motivation. We’ll explore some tools for staying motivated over the long-term, and identify a bunch of rewards you’ll get for sticking to your practice.

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