Microclimates (and other tools from our permaculture toolshed)

In addition to microclimates, other permaculture tools like the principles, zones, and sector analysis might be useful for determining how best to serve the community you care most about. 

Today’s worksheet will walk you through a few of these, and get your mind moving from patterns to details.

Take your time, work through the questions, then review your goals again and make them even S.M.A.R.T.E.R!

Using Permaculture Principles…again!

Here’s a printable, shareable graphic that suggests how to use a handful of our favorite permaculture principles to find your niche. Is it useful for you?

Ruminate on the above ideas for a bit, then do today’s worksheet.

See you tomorrow!

Again, the goal of this course isn’t to rush you through the process in 3 days. It’s to equip you with a set of tools so that you can find a niche or many niches, and leverage your unique skills to benefit your community.

Meanwhile, check out this bonus video:

Why friendships are so important to permaculture

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