Permaculture is a design process for both inner and outer landscapes

Using a design process helps us to make sense of things, and to create a clear plan of action.

Introducing the GOBRADIME permaculture design process.

Here’s an overview about what GOBRADIME is and does, and how you can use this magical process to develop a practice that supports your mental and emotional well-being:

Using the GOBRADIME Design Process for Mental Health

GOBRADIME cheat sheet

Use this to meditate on how you might use GOBRADIME, which works wonders for designing a home and landscape, to make more sustainable the emotional layers of your life.​ Read more about it here.

Permaculture is a Daily Practice.

As you work through the design process, be careful not to get too lost in the rhetoric. All this permaculture business, about about ethics, principles, patterns and details. It’s quite heady, and sometimes you might ask yourself, “is any of this esoteric stuff applicable to my daily life?”


And here’s the thing:

Permaculture is a daily practice. It’s kind of like yoga–at first you might not feel like you’re very flexible, but if you do it daily, things really start to click. Same goes for writing, self-care, and really any creative pursuit, right?

A daily pattern of carefully chosen actions that you can and will take to move your whole system design forward. A daily practice, designed with permaculture in mind, will create habits in your mind, your body, and your life that turn rhetoric into reality. 

Your daily practice is one of your most valuable assets and we don’t have time in this mini-course to get into what it takes to design a daily practice that aligns with your permaculture ethics and ideals. 

And, since I am completely obsessed with the notion that changing your habits changes your life and, by extension, the world, then I have crafted a follow-up course to walk you through a gentle yet rigorous exploration so that you can discover just exactly it is that you want to do, every day. We use GOBRADIME!

And if you’re an artist–WOW think about what GOBRADIME can do to help you with your craft.


Design your inner landscape

Follow these steps to create a “base map” and begin to design your inner landscape:

  • Take 10 fast breaths, in and out.
  • Then take 10 long, slow breaths. 
  • Close your eyes and imagine that you are the land, that your thoughts are a plane on which reside infinite ideas and possibilities.
  • Envision what you want for that landscape, how you want to feel, what you want to accomplish. Resist the urge to dwell on anything you don’t want. We’ll talk about boundaries later. For now, just observe and imagine, and try to see something like a base map–a foundation for your design work. 
  • Next, in your journal or on a big piece of drawing paper, brainstorm through the steps of the GOBRADIME process, and see if you can work out a tangible list of actions you’d like to take as part of your regular practice, to support the inner landscape you want to cultivate. 

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