Our free permaculture courses and online design thinking resources will help you create ecological gardens and homesteads and connect with a global community of co-learners, innovating hands-on solutions and envisioning a sustainable future, together.

Welcome to the #freepermaculture project.

We offer free/donation-based online courses, in-house original publications, curated resources, and an assortment of moderated forums to help you find the right niche for your learning journey.

We believe that the knowledge we need to live sustainably on the Earth is free and available to anyone who sticks their hands in the soil, and our mission is to help you get your hands dirty as often as possible!

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Free Online Permaculture Courses

Transparency: donations are graciously accepted for all offers, and these connect to not-free courses as well, but the free offers stand alone as solid educational resources. We respect your privacy, we value your time, and we would never spam or trick you.

Looking for an introduction to Permaculture? Take this free online class.

The #freepermaculture project is sponsored by Permaculture Women's Guild, which offers a fully-certified and mentored online Permaculture Design Course. You can take the entire first module for free!

Emotional permaculture: what about your Inner Landscape?

Do ecological principles apply to our mental health and personal relationships? Yes they do! This experimental, free online course explores the possibilities of using a permaculture design process to intentionally guide our relationships .

Not sure where to begin? Join our FREE Weekly Yearlong Permaculture Course

Designed for folks who don't have a lot of time or money. Receive one bite-sized class each week, walking you through a step-by-step process for designing your own homestead and related projects.

How to Learn Permaculture for Free

Suggestions for learning permaculture for free, and also for finding creative ways to fund your education, in permaculture and other topics.​

Digital Toolshed for Permaculture Designers

An overview of software and digital applications than can be used for permaculture, landscape design, and sustainable project/organic farm management. 


People Care is an essential piece of the permaculture puzzle, and our forums foster friendships and inspire community connections, all around the world.

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