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Welcome to the #freepermaculture project, where we believe that the knowledge we need to live sustainably on the Earth is free and available to anyone who sticks their hands in the soil, and our mission is to help you get your hands dirty as often as possible!

Whether you live in the city or the country, are a renter or an owner, our free online permaculture courses will help you envision and create ecological gardens and regenerative homesteads, and connect you with a global community of co-learners, innovating hands-on solutions and envisioning a sustainable future, together.

Here's what students are saying about the yearlong #freepermaculture course

Free online permaculture courses for beginners and experts alike!

Free yearlong course with 52 classes

It's a revolution! Learn to design your sustainable garden, home, and community

A selection of permaculture writings

The #freepermaculture project was created by Heather Jo Flores, author of Food Not Lawns and director of Permaculture Women's Guild. All of her courses are online, no one turned away for lack of funds, and with original and curated multimedia content from over 100 expert teachers and practitioners from around the world. Here is a selection of Heather's recent articles.

Specially crafted for women who love plants

Using permaculture principles and and design thinking to unleash creative ideas!

Facebook Groups and Independent Forums

People Care is an essential piece of the permaculture puzzle, and our forums foster friendships and inspire community connections, all around the world.

33 pages of original writing & illustrations

Free Permaculture Coloring Book for All Ages!

Learn the basics with the whole family!

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