Welcome to the #freepermaculture project, where we believe that the knowledge we need to live sustainably on the Earth is free and available to anyone who sticks their hands in the soil, and our mission is to help you get your hands dirty as often as possible!

Our free online permaculture courses will help you create ecological gardens and homesteads and connect with a global community of co-learners, innovating hands-on solutions and envisioning a sustainable future, together.

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How to Learn Permaculture for Free

Suggestions for learning permaculture for free, and also for finding creative ways to fund your education, in permaculture and other topics.​

Digital Tools for Permaculture Designers

An overview of software and digital applications than can be used for permaculture, landscape design, and sustainable project/organic farm management. 

Free Online Permaculture Courses

All courses are online, no one turned away for lack of funds, and created by Heather Jo Flores (author of Food Not Lawns and director of Permaculture Women's Guild) with original and curated multimedia content from over 100 expert teachers and practitioners from around the world.

Introduction to Permaculture

The #freepermaculture project is sponsored by Permaculture Women's Guild, which offers a fully-certified and mentored online Permaculture Design Course. You can take the entire first module for free!

Design Your Permaculture Paradise

Designed for folks who don't have a lot of time or money. Receive one bite-sized class each week, walking you through a step-by-step process for designing your own homestead and related projects.

Make a Living in Permaculture

This free 3-day course uses permaculture principles to help you discover your unique intersection.

Use Ecological Principles for Mental Health

This groundbreaking free 3-day course will change the way you approach your relationships.

Use Permaculture to Create Healthy Habits

This free 10-day course uses the GOBRADIME design process to help you break bad habits and establish healthy ones in your daily life.

Fancy Yourself a Writer?

This free 21-day writing challenge will inspire you to craft short pieces that explore your relationship with nature.


People Care is an essential piece of the permaculture puzzle, and our forums foster friendships and inspire community connections, all around the world.

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FREE Permaculture Coloring Book!

Featuring original artwork and writing, to help the whole family get started with permaculture.

"The #freepermaculture project completely changed my life. I always thought permaculture was only for landowners, but these fun, accessible weekly classes are helping me turn my rented house into a paradise for my family, without spending a lot of money. I love this course! Thank you!" --Rebecca, urban single mom

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