Invisible Structures in Permaculture

What are invisible structures and why are they such an essential part of your sustainable homestead and/or community project?

We’ve touched on this topic several times throughout our course; today we will revisit some ideas and add a layer of information.

Economic, Social/Political, Legal…

These are sectors, they are boundaries, and they are opportunities. In our courses, we include a heavy emphasis on personal and emotional structures. This article is an invitation to deepen and expand your evolving permaculture design projects to include a generous helping of invisible structure design.

Invisible Structures, revisited

Every single step, layer, and detail of your design is connected to an invisible structure.

We discuss the Spiral Design Wheel in the article on Cyclic Opportunity. Look at it here again, and think through how each cycle, principle and step on the design process has invisible structures that should be considered. 

Do some brainstorming and mind-mapping about this before moving on.

design wheel with cycles 26
Graphic by Heather Jo Floresd

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Relevant Links and Resources​

This topic is so much about just being with yourself and tuning into new ways of seeing things, but here are just a couple more resources:

This article, from the Garden at the End of the World blog, gives a lovely overview of the Permaculture Invisible Structures concept.

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