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Grow food, make friends, repeat.
kt shepherd permaculture garden illustration
The #freepermaculture course features 52 original drawings by Kt Shepherd. 

Earth Care, People Care, Future Care.​

Most permaculture courses focus on landscape design but don’t do much to help you gain access to land or navigate the complex social circumstances that surround any attempt at sustainable or regenerative living.

​Permaculture has three ethics, not just one. Permaculture asks us to care for the land, care for the people, and care for the future or ALL species, and if you don’t include social relationships in your design approach, you’re sure to have some serious problems.

All of our permaculture design courses, no matter how big or small, make sure you get the balanced permaculture training you need to face not just challenges in the garden, but also larger issues in your interconnected community. This one includes several classes all about building sustainable relationships.

FREE yearlong permaculture course online!

Do you have any questions?

Wondering what exactly is included in this course, who’s teaching it, and if it is indeed actually FREE?

This Free Online Permaculture Course will help you grow your own food and design a home system that can thrive with nature…even if you don’t own your land or have a lot of money.

The recommended pace is one class per week, but you get access to everything as soon as you enroll:

  • Learn how to recognize patterns in nature.
  • Improve your access to land and resources.
  • Practice reading the land and meeting needs with resources.
  • Design a perennial food forest.
  • Create abundant home systems.
  • Cultivate resilient communities.
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Design your permaculture paradise, wherever you are. 

​Brought to you by Permaculture Women’s Guild and featuring excerpts from our double-certificate design course, plus exclusive, original content made just for this course, the goal is to help you design your own home, garden, and community projects, by providing a solid overview and linking you to quality resources you can trust, for further learning.​

mandala garden permaculture food forest
Heather Jo Flores’ front yard food forest

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