Nonviolent Conflict Resolution

How to resolve conflicts and disruptions in your permaculture projects and programs.

Dysfunction Junction: when things go wrong

Sometimes, no matter how hard we might try to avoid it, problems come up between individuals working together on a project. And, whether we like it or not, the main reason so many permaculture projects don’t make it to the long-term is rarely because the soil was no good or all the water dried up: it’s because the interpersonal human relationships fell apart. 

Nonviolent Communication is commonly used in permaculture groups. Here’s an introduction:

An Introduction to Nonviolent Communication - Gail Carroll

When things go awry, Restorative Justice can be super helpful to get back on common ground:

Reconciliation through Restorative Justice

For mental health support in general, and to deepen relationships within your working group, check out Co-Counseling:

Co-Counseling, Present Time - More information at

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Relevant Links and Resources​

FREE BOOK! The Big Book of Conflict Resolution Games by Mary Scannell is available here, and it’s actually tons of fun. Check it out!

big book of conflict resolution

Here’s a great article that gives an overview of 5 Conflict Resolution Strategies we all tend to use by default. 


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